Best-Paying Computer Degrees

By beating all odds on their side, computer science degrees seem to have regained favor with students. This is at least what the data published by the Computing Research Association (CRA) suggests.

According to the CRA’s Taulbee Survey, Trends in Computer Enrollment and Enrollment Trends, 2010-2011, enrollments in computer undergraduate programs increased by 9.6% during the 2011-12 academic year. 2012. This was the fourth year in a row that enrollment in computer science degree programs has increased *.

The increasing demand for computer degrees among students indicates a corresponding growth in computer careers that can be financially rewarding, personally fulfilling, and intellectually stimulating. Here is a selection of computer diplomas and careers that they can lead:

1. Diploma in Computer Science: The degree in Computer Science has been ranked among the top ten college undergraduate programs in terms of salary in a 2011-12 salary report published by According to the report, computer science graduates earn a median starting salary of $ 56,600 and, in the mid-career, this salary can reach $ 97,900, depending on location, education and experience **.

And what types of career can you pursue once you have completed this program? Computer graduates have the opportunity to choose from a variety of exciting careers.

For example, software engineers are responsible for designing and developing software applications that allow users to perform specific tasks on the computer, while a computer systems manager or an information technology manager plans, coordinates, and and directs computer-related activities within an organization.

2. Degree of computer programming: As the name implies, a computer programming diploma aims to train graduates in various programming languages ​​and to give them the necessary skills to continue learning new languages ​​as they develop. development. This program can be continued at the associate and bachelor level, depending on your personal and professional aspirations.

A degree in computer programming prepares graduates for the role of programmer, who writes the code needed to convert the designs developed by software engineers into real software applications. To do this, they write a series of instructions using a programming language such as Java or C ++, which the computer can follow.

Computer programmers work with the latest technological developments that have conquered the world, including applications for mobile phones and tablets. Computer programmers also develop video games; Web applications financial software, business process, medical or educational; and more.

Exciting work, a well-defined career path and the possibility of a salary of $ 71,380 per year, depending on the location, the training and the experience: a degree in computer science can help you to continue all this and Moreover ***!

3. Computer Science Diploma: A computer science degree is designed to train graduates in the workings of computer repair and networking. This Computer Science degree is ideal for those interested in computer support functions such as Technical Support Technician, User Support Technician, Technical Support Specialist, etc.

Depending on their role, IT support specialists help a company’s IT and non-IT staff to use computers and equipment properly. They install software and equipment; correct hardware and software failures; maintain computer networks; install security software; and educate and train users.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for computer support specialists was $ 46,260 per year in May 2010, depending on training, place of residence and experience *** *.

Now that you know at least three computer programs that can lead to very promising careers, it’s time to decide which one is right for you. Once you’ve done this, select a few computer schools that offer these computer degrees and ask them for information about the university. You will be able to start the most exciting course of your life!

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