All About Computer Networking

Computers are now part of our daily lives. It seems that no matter what we see and touch, there is a kind of computer that works within it. Imagine taking a bunch of computers and connecting them all together; this is where computer networks come in. This has become very useful and different types of networks are available. Computer networks have become linked to other bodies of knowledge such as telecommunications, computer engineering and information technology.

Personal Network

This type of network connects devices close to a person. These devices may include printers, fax machines, scanners, webcams, and even PDAs. At one time, your computer was filled with cables and the like, because of these devices, but the good thing is that wireless technology has been the subject of so much development. Nowadays, you can use wireless devices incorporating infrared and Bluetooth wireless technologies. Imagine not having to deal with a clutter of cables, while several devices are interconnected via your personal network

Local network

A LAN allows computers in the same area to exchange information. They are usually connected using a LAN cable, often used in offices and computer stores. People who love video games have also enjoyed this type of computer network. There are many games where you can use a local network and interact with other players in your area.

The Internet

What began as a means of information exchange between the military and universities has become a widespread global phenomenon. Most of our activities are now closely linked to the Internet and it has become very difficult to function in society without the Internet. Nowadays, we send e-mails, chat, make purchases and even meals delivered thanks to the magic of the World Wide Web. The world has shrunk and companies can now trade with customers from across the globe. You can even earn a college degree through online courses offered by a reputable university. The Net has mostly brought convenience to the households of its users, which partly explains why it has become so popular.
Internet Tips

There are countless websites that you can find on the internet and it is important to check the website if you want to buy an article. You never know if a site is a scam and may only need your email to fill it with junk mail. If you have doubts about a product or service, the Internet is also a great companion. There are many forums that allow users to discuss certain topics such as politics, shopping, music and auction websites.

There are some other types of computer networks, such as wide area networks (including the Internet and the public switched telephone network), metropolitan networks, and wireless networks (such as WLAN and WWLAN). All these networks help us in our daily lives by connecting different devices and making them more convenient. With all the advances in technology, it is possible that all the devices we own will be connected soon.

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